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Mastiff Flooring provides flooring services that exceed expectations. The services we offer include carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, upholstery cleaning, Oriental rug cleaning, and much more.  Our exceptional customer service and commitment to satisfaction makes us the right choice for your flooring needs.

Give your Rug a bath. Just as carpet fibers need care time to time so do Oriental Rugs. Most fibers in Oriental  Rugs consist of Wool and if not cleaned in a timely fashion these fibers will disintegrate over time. Mastiff Floorings deep wash gets both the surface and base of rugs thoroughly cleaned prolonging the life of your rug.

Tile and Grout can take on a faded and Dirty look Wear causing the natural sheen and luster to fade over time.  Mastiff Flooring to the Rescue with its eco-friendly and effective products making sure to restore Tile to its original luster and appeal as well as grout.

Sweat and other substances can get into your upholstery fiber so it is important to have your Upholstery/Furniture piece cleaned on regular occasions in order to restore Fabric freshness and durability.

Give your Carpet longevity with Periodic washing. Over time fibers within carpets can stiffen due to Grime and dirt causing the fibers wilt. With environmental friendly chemicals, Mastiff Flooring will save your carpet making it fresh and new again.

If your home, office, or building structure needs painting then you’ve come to the right place. Mastiff now offers amazing painting services for residential and commercial structures. We strive to create the most stunning and awe-inspiring looks with our services. We paint both exterior and interior structures whether it be for repair, remodeling, or any other purpose. Try us and you’ll see how our work is the utmost top quality in the painting industry.

Have a pipe burst or water flooding in your home no need to Fret because Mastiff to the rescue. We offer water extraction services due to any type of situation. Our Outstanding services includes Water extracting along with a through drying process sure to make any situation right. We make sure to each job is completed to satisfaction. Try us and you’ll see…

If having a carpet repaired is what you need then look to us. We now offer services to repair carpet due to any circumstances. We offer services such as restretching, patchwork, seaming, and bonding. We can make a carpet look brand new once again with our amazing services. You can’t go wrong with your choice to use Mastiff.

Needing your drapes cleaned or wanting to get the wrinkles out of your drapes, then Mastiff is the company to look for. We offer services for the cleaning and steam cleaning of drapery in Residential and Commercial settings. Our services make drapes look new again. Mastiff is a great choice for Drapery needs.


What our clients say about us

I hired Mastiff Flooring to clean the carpet for my church’s bible study. They came out to the job on time, very professional, and ready to go! They pre-treated the stained areas, and after they were done washing the carpet, it looked amazing! 99% of the stains were removed, and the carpet look and smelled great again! I totally recommend them and will be using them in the future again!

user Paradise A.

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